for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Kotaro Komatsu ,  Yosuke Tsujiyama ,  Aruta Sakamaki ,  Norio Koike - Vol. 34 Num. 1 (2014)
 Proof problems with diagrams: an opportunity for experiencing proofs and refutations


It has become gradually accepted that proof and proving are essential at all grades of mathematical learning. Among the various aspects of proof and proving, this study addresses proofs and refutations described by Lakatos, in particular a part of increasing content by deductive guessing, to introduce an authentic process into mathematics classrooms. This paper analyzes proof problems with diagrams as an appropriate task for this mathematical action, and illustrates, with a sequence of three lessons in the eighth grade, that a certain type of such problems can provide students with an opportunity to engage in this action.