for the learning of mathematics

Nadine Bednarz ,  Jérôme Proulx - Vol. 29 Num. 3 (2009)
 Knowing and using mathematics in teaching conceptual and epistemological clarifications


We offer our (didactique) view of what represents for us "teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching." We do this by grounding our discourse in teachers' actual practices, using vignettes taken from a research study. These vignettes are used to highlight the nested character of this knowledge, composed of mathematical as well as pedagogical, institutional and didactical dimensions, and to bring forth some of its fundamental attributes: its nature, closer to knowledge-in-action than to factual knowledge; its situated character; and its emergence and unpredictability, requiring a capacity to react in the moment. We conclude by offering explanations and illustrations on how this perspective has guided our mathematics teacher education program.


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