for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Colin Foster ,  Leonardo Barichello ,  Bustang Bustang ,  Rovincer Najjuma ,  İpek Saralar-Aras - Vol. 42 Num. 2 (2022)
 Decolonizing educational design for school mathematics


In this article, five authors, one each from Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Uganda and the UK, all experienced designers and users of educational resources, consider the challenge of decolonizing educational design within school mathematics. We outline what we term ‘multicultural responses’ to this challenge – such as attention to equality of representation in images, names, history and contexts – which we see as valuable, but taking us only so far. We contrast these ‘multicultural responses’ with deeper and more demanding ‘decolonizing responses’ that seek to address structural aspects of educational design within mathematics that we believe are essential to meet this challenge.