for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Kathleen Nolan ,  Lisa Lunney Borden - Vol. 43 Num. 2 (2023)
 It’s all a matter of perspective


Grounded in a desire to explore how the field of culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) and its connected sub-fields is constructed/shaped in and through mathematics education research, the study reported on in this paper sought to understand how researchers/scholars situate, or position their research. The study began from a conceptualization of CRP as a term that encompasses the areas (or sub-fields) of Indigenous education [IE], equity-based research [E-b], critical mathematics [CM], ethnomathematics [EM], social justice [SJ], and language diversity [LD]. By asking mathematics education scholars to position their research within this conceptualization, this paper points to the different themes or ‘noticings’ that summarize the ways in which they described their research and/or the sub-fields. As mathematics education scholars ourselves, this paper is part of our journey to explore these varied and interconnected terms/fields and to come to a more nuanced understanding of how they interact so that we (and others) might act within our research and our classrooms with a clear aim to disrupt. In our efforts to portray some of the fluidity that we noticed, we each present a model that attempts to capture our thinking and positioning within the conceptualization, and we invite the reader to do the same.