for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

James Drimalla ,  Brady A. Tyburski ,  Aida Alibek - Vol. 44 Num. 1 (2024)
 Theorizing in mathematics education: a loving critique and conversation-starter


Emerging mathematics education researchers in the United States need to be better equipped to attend to the philosophical backgrounds of theories used in research. Thus, doctoral programs must provide students with sustained space to reflect on the philosophical backgrounds of theories and attend to their worldviews to ensure students are well positioned to catalyze their own path to becoming scholars. In this essay, we offer multiple critiques of theorizing in the field alongside three practical suggestions for change at varying levels. Our critique is out of love and for the sake of the entire field—it respects and embraces our capacity for genuine and substantive change. We aim to launch a broader, international conversation about doctoral education that examines our field’s scholarship, research practices, and what is seen as necessary training for emerging scholars.