for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Willy Mwakapenda - Vol. 30 Num. 3 (2010)
 Communication: Dinner with “maTHEMATICs”: in honOUR of DemYstifyING mathematics


Mathematics as a field of study is often encountered in its written form, captured in texts of various genres at primary and (post)secondary school levels. The way mathematics is WRITTEN (being referred to here as wrotographic evidence) determines to a greater extent how it is read and spoken (verbalized). This exploratory article has poetic dimensions and seeks to consider various ways in which mathematics and mathematical terms (MMTs) can be re-written (re-presented). It explores whether and how the various ways in which MMTs are re-written could affect the ways in which one reads and understands mathematics. The thrust of the question being addressed is as follows: To what extent does the way mathematics and mathematical terms are written affect the way teachers and learners read and understand mathematics? In what ways does the form in which a specific term in mathematics is written determine the way it is read and the meanings we can attach to it?