for the learning of mathematics

an international journal of mathematics education

Peter Sullivan ,  Janette Bobis ,  Ann Downton ,  Sharyn Livy ,  Sally Hughes ,  Melody McCormick ,  James Russo - Vol. 40 Num. 0 (2020)
 Ways that relentless consistency and task variation contribute to teacher and student mathematics learning


In this article, we provide a rationale for the principles and processes of designing and implementing sequences of learning that use the concepts of task variation and learning trajectories to exemplify relentless consistency with the intention of facilitating and encouraging innovative practices. We draw on our work on a project to develop and research such sequences that not only encapsulate relentless consistency in terms of classroom culture, task design and lesson structure but also in terms of mathematical concepts that are the focus of the learning. Noting that even though Brown and Coles used the terms relentless and consistency to refer to actions by teachers in classroom, we include such actions, and also encourage teacher educators to adopt such orientations, with practitioners with whom they work. An extract from one of the sequences is presented to exemplify our overall approach and to pose some implications for mathematics teacher education. The theme of relentless consistency permeates each of the sections.